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Hi Ginny! I see you’re online here! Just want to say how much I love & appreciate your brilliant and thoughtful comments on the Zooms! I resonate with you and would love to connect offline if you like. lauren.hoover@gmail.com
Fleas not in these cats but when I was providing products in the dog arenas DE & Sacred Clay were superlative combatants to both! Peace GB
I am slowly trying to Implement + changes: environmental, food: Small Batch frozen topped w bone broth, essences, snuffle mat with dried chic hearts (it's a hilarious scene); want to intro EO's & heart support. I welcome ANY suggestions you may have to facilitate Nino's healing journey: to add or eliminate to prolong his Vitality & liFELINE.

Be Well,

Dr Jean,

In Mon's webinar you had a great reco for a more natural type of cat litter: grass seed. Can you offer your PURRferred brand/type. We use Worlds Best corn litter, and wonder if that can be a precipitating trigger to Nino's (8 y/o M Coon mix dx Feline Asthma and HCM) respiratory system? We run Rabbit Air purifier non-stop in my home, purchased in ~2008. Could that be detrimental vs. productive? Ozone?
Dr. Jean Hofve
Dr. Jean Hofve
I use OnlyNaturalPet.com. At one point they were sold out and I used World's Best (which was my go-to for years). It's a sure bet that World's Best is made from GMO corn. Nino may be reacting to it for that reason, or maybe he's got a little corn allergy going on.
i am uncertain what triggered his sudden bouts of Feline Asthma in the past several months. So I am trying to implement subtle changes by process of elimination and intuitive Guess work. I got grass seed litter. Any other ideas?
Dr. Christina
Dr. Christina
Just got an email from Dr. Wendy Jensen, the author of Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy. She just learned about the GMO in world's Best so suggests the following that also don't have the environmental concerns of clay litters: sWheat Scoop, Yesterday's News, and Feline Pine.

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