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Dog Has Had Respiratory Issue Since Sprayed By Skunk

HA! Support

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Mar 11, 2021
Angel is a female 12-year-old spaniel/retriever mix. She is spayed. Her weight is about 35-40 lbs.
BEAM is fine except for wheezing/choking/gagging cough since sprayed 3 months ago by skunk. Had x-ray by Dr. Noonan and he diagnosed bronchitis. Took antibiotics, which didn't help, and 5 days prednisone. She was better on the prednisone, which vet advised 2-3 months - but I didn't want her on it that long.
A homeopath had me try Ferrum Phos 6x - it didn't work - he wanted to get him Skunk Homeopathic remedy from England - I didn't try that.
Primary diet is canned salmon, turkey breast, chicken, tuna -- all cooked - secondary Blue Diamond Wilderness kibble
Due for all for all shots, I'd prefer not to vax if possible.
Dr, Noonan will send in tests/records of bloodwork and fecals, which Kim will forward to @Dr. Jeff
Cough is intermittent all day and worse at night - wakes up with intense coughing trying to clear it - nothing appears to come out.

Urgently seeking relief for Angel's coughing.

Thank you, Walter (as dictated to Kim)

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi Walter. I'm sorry to hear about Angel's respiratory challenges.

Does she use a snuffle mat or do lots (at least 4x a day) of sniffing outside?

You may want to consider the natural anti-inflammatories in the blueberry-kale cocktail. Vimergy's Micro-C, and this respiratory tonic:

You may want to also consult a classically trained vet homeopath to deal with this "never well since" respiratory issue.


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